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Myka Labs to participate in major event focusing on pancreatic cancer early detection

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Cornell Tech venue for PRECEDE Annual Meeting and AI Symposium

Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Consortium (PRECEDE) meeting brings together leading pancreatic cancer researchers from around the world in New York City

Myka Labs, a San Francisco-based start-up that is a leader in advanced technologies for cancer diagnosis and treatment, will participate in the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Consortium (PRECEDE), the company announced today.

PRECEDE was established in 2020 to transform outcomes for patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While advances like optimized chemotherapy regimens have boosted the five-year survival in pancreatic cancer from around six percent in the mid-2000s to 13% today, the burden of pancreatic cancer is large and growing, with the disease expected to soon surpass colorectal cancer to become the second-leading cancer killer in the United States.

Anchored at leading cancer care institutions including NYU Langone, OHSU’s Brenden-Colson, and UCSD, improving early detection of pancreatic cancer is a key PRECEDE priority. The consortium has an innovative and ambitious program of large-scale, long-term data collection of demographic, clinical, imaging data and biosamples from large high-risk familial pancreatic cancer cohorts around the world. Myka Labs is contributing expertise in the use of advanced methods for extracting actionable information from endoscopic ultrasound, a widely used imaging modality in pancreatic cancer diagnosis and monitoring, to advance PRECEDE program goals.

The PRECEDE Annual Meeting and Inaugural AI Summit will take place on December 6-7 at Cornell Tech, located on Roosevelt Island in New York City.