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From neonatal esophageal atresia to pancreatic cancer, helping patients with challenging conditions live longer, healthier lives

At Myka Labs, our mission is to help millions of patients with challenging conditions like pancreatic cancer live longer, healthier lives. ConfluxTM, Myka’s family of AI-based integrated solutions for interventional oncology, represents a revolutionary advance for high-clinical-impact interventions ranging from bypass to resection to ablation. With a groundbreaking combination of advanced artificial intelligence along with proprietary sensorized catheter designs and intraluminal ultrasound hardware, Conflux enables less invasive procedures, improved patient safety, streamlined procedural workflows, and reduced ionizing radiation exposure for care teams. The roots of Conflux lie in Connect, Myka’s innovative solution for babies born with congenital esophageal malformations. Exceptionally favorable outcomes have been seen in early clinical experience with Connect.

Conflux is not available for sale in the United States.