Myka Labs innovation

Complex GI tract interventions. Now less invasive.

High-Efficacy Interventions

Whether for recalcitrant stricture in Crohn’s disease, for gastric outlet obstruction in pancreatic cancer, or for a host of other GI tract conditions that profoundly affect the patient’s wellbeing, Myka Labs’ ConnectTM device systems are designed to bring about rapid, durable resolution–less invasively than ever before.

Patient Safety at the Forefront

In the ConnectTM family of device systems from Myka Labs, ultraminiature sensor arrays and virtual reality technology are brought together to allow complex GI tract interventions to be performed less invasively. And with Connect, surgery teams gain the benefit of exceptional awareness of internal anatomical features without exposing the patient to radiation. Myka Labs technology overcomes longstanding anatomical complexity-related barriers to expanding the range of conditions that can be addressed by endoluminal surgery.

Supported by exhaustive preclinical development programs, an early version of the first Myka Labs pipeline product has recently transitioned into first-in-human clinical studies.