Advanced interventional endoscopy systems for high-unmet-need GI tract conditions

Challenging Gastrointestinal Tract Conditions Demand Innovative Solutions

From recalcitrant stricture in Crohn’s disease to gastric outlet obstruction in pancreatic cancer, in the U.S. alone, hundreds of thousands of patients every year develop gastrointestinal tract conditions requiring major surgery.

Myka Labs Sensor Fusion Technology: Endoscopically Perform High-Clinical-Impact Interventions

The ConnectTM family of device systems from Myka Labs is built around groundbreaking technology for pulling together data-dense streams of information from multiple endoscopy-compatible sensor systems. Combined with high-performance Connect anatomy-modifying components. Connect allows endoscopy suite teams to complete high-clinical-impact procedures like bypassing malignant gastric outlet obstruction safely and smoothly, sparing the patient from an invasive surgery. Connect can even spare patients significant radiation exposure.

Supported by exhaustive preclinical development programs, an early version of the first Myka Labs pipeline product has recently transitioned into first-in-human clinical studies.