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Report on advanced navigation and guidance systems developed by Myka Labs a highlight of major society meeting

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July 7, 2023

In a major presentation at a leading endosurgery meeting, Myka Labs revealed key details of the design and functionality of its innovative new navigation and guidance systems for rendezvous interventions.

The new navigation systems from Myka Labs incorporate advanced sensor architectures, high-performance computer vision algorithms, and innovative dynamic registration technology to provide exquisitely accurate real-time information about the absolute and relative positions of the tips of multiple slender scopes being used within the body for advanced interventional and diagnostic procedures.

In rendezvous procedures, multiple endoscopes and catheters are introduced from different locations and steered toward a single point. With conventional endoscope and catheter technology, rendezvous often comes only after a lengthy process and repeated use of radiation-based imaging–if successful rendezvous can be achieved at all.

With the new Myka Labs navigation technology, care teams can interact with a virtual environment where the scope tip positions and orientations are depicted in real time. The system, known as ConfluxTM, is positioned to be a category leader in the emerging field of mixed reality surgical innovation navigation.

The talk at the International Pediatric Endosurgery Group meeting (IPEG) focused on navigation for rendezvous in repair of esophageal atresia, a congenital malformation where babies are born not with a continuous esophagus running from the mouth to the stomach, but instead with two noncommunicating esophageal pouches, an upper pouch and a lower pouch. In order for the child to take in nutrition orally, a connection must be created between the two pouches. Around one in every 3,500 babies is born with the condition.

Myka Labs is a clinical-stage company combining of machine learning and ultrasound to enable care teams to carry out new types of interventional procedures that can extend the lives of patients.